John Cays

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, New Jersey Institute of Technology

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John Cays is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Interim Director of the School of Art + Design at the Hillier College of Architecture and Design. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of the Arts and a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University. As a professional experienced in different areas of design, he is a co-founder of GRADE Architects, an architecture and interior design firm in NYC. Prior to that John worked as a project manager at Robert A.M. Stern Architects. John contributed his work to various professional associations, including his service as North East Regional Director for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture from 2014 – 2017 and as a Director on the National Architectural Accrediting Board from 2017 – 2020. John currently serves on the Education Committees at SIGGRAPH and the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment. He is the author of An Environmental Life Cycle Approach to Design: LCA for Designers and the Design Market. He was the 2021 recipient of the ACLCA’s Education Leadership Award.

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Welcome and Opening eLCAd 2023

March 28, 2023, 01:30 PM
John Cays Christopher Richard

Closing Day One

March 28, 2023, 05:15 PM
Christopher Richard John Cays

Workshop: LCA Design for Students

March 28, 2023, 06:00 PM
Erin Heidelberger John Cays Jean-François Ménard

Welcome and Opening Day Two

March 29, 2023, 01:30 PM
Christopher Richard John Cays

Environmental Literacy in Education

March 29, 2023, 02:00 PM
Anne Landfield Greig John Cays Mukunth Natarajab Laurie Wright

Closing Day 2

March 29, 2023, 05:15 PM
John Cays Christopher Richard

Opening Day Three

March 30, 2023, 01:30 PM
John Cays Christopher Richard

External Technical Sustainability Communication Tools and Channels

March 30, 2023, 03:45 PM
John Cays David Benjamin David J. Lewis Manuel Lima

Closing for eLCAd 2023

March 30, 2023, 05:15 PM
Christopher Richard John Cays